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Soil and groundwater analysis

Groundwater simulation

Providing optimal solutions for diverse conditions: numerical analyses to predict damage caused by earthquake and the impacts of structure construction, geotechnical software development for different needs, and the development of systems using WebGIS.

Groundwater simulation

Problems may occur during tunnel construction, such as groundwater level reductions caused by drainage during ground excavation, as well as increased and reduced groundwater levels due to a flow blockage after tunnel completion. Using groundwater simulations, we can quantitatively predict changes in the level, quantity, and quality of groundwater caused by this type of construction work.

Attenuation relationship by considered the effect of directivity based on equivalent hypocentral distance

In collaboration with the Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute, we have developed a new earthquake motion prediction method. This method incorporated the damage propagation effect (directivity effect) of the earthquake fault into the attenuation relation that has been used as a simple method to evaluate earthquake motions. This method makes it possible to set microscopic parameters such as asperity and rupture starting points, which could not be taken into consideration in the conventional attenuation relation. Characteristic values equivalent to detailed earthquake motion prediction calculation methods, even in regions with little information, can now be obtained.

Predicted seismic intensity distribution map, taking directivity effect into account