Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Corporate Profile

EstablishedMarch 10, 1946
CEOPresident: Ichiro Seko (Doctor of Engineering, Professional Engineer)
Capital100 million yen (equity capital: 3,691 billion yen)
Annual sales8,901 million yen (2017)
No. of Employees328(March 2017)
Group companyLand and Water Group Holdings Corporation
Nikken Shoji Corporation
Hokusui Sekkei Consul Corporation
ExecutivesIchiro Seko, President
Makoto Tanaka, Executive Director
Jun Tsukahara, Director
Makoto Takada, Director
Kinichi Andou, Director
Yoshikazu Miyamoto, Director
Hitoshi Nishimaki, Director
Shoji Mizoguchi, Auditor
Registrations●Construction Consultant Registration, Ken-26 No. 13
●Surveying Company Registration, No. 15 (26)
●Geological Survey Company Registration, Shitsu-29 No. 153
●First Class Architect Office, Saitama Prefectural Governor Registration (1) No. 10514
●Construction Business Permit authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (civil engineering projects, aerial work, earthwork) (Toku-26, No. 3546)
●Construction Business Permit authorized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (well drilling projects) (Toku 27, No. 3546)
●Measurement Certification Business Registration for concentrations, Saitama Prefecture No. 585
●Measurement Certification Business Registration for sound pressure levels, Saitama Prefecture No. ON-36
●Measurement Certification Business Registration for oscillating acceleration levels, Saitama Prefecture No. 24
●Designated research organization under the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act (designation No. Kankyo 2003-8-1023)
●Specified Worker Dispatching Projects (Acceptance of notification No. 13-303524)
●Ground guarantee system geotechnical company registration, July 2009 (registration No. 30000355)
●ISO 9001: certified in 2008, registration in August 1999, certification No. JQA-QM3604
●ISO 27001: certified in 2013, registration in June 2009, certification No. JQA-IM0719
●EcoAction 21 certification, registered in February 2011 (registration No. 0006576)

Primary Services

Consulting services●Consulting related to civil engineering, architecture, agricultural development, resource and energy development, regional planning, and environmental improvement
●Design, maintenance (stock management), and construction supervision for various types of structures
●Regional disaster management planning, risk management planning
● Consulting on resident participation and consensus building
●Tourism statistics and tourism promotion
●Overseas consulting
research services
●Studies and indoor testing related to geology, soil, groundwater and resource development, environmental improvement, disaster management, and facility maintenance
●Soil/groundwater contamination, soil analysis
●Geophysical exploration and logging, vibration noise studies
●Active fault studies, underground structure studies (microtremor array surveys)
measuring services
●Topographical surveying, route surveying, bathymetry, land surveying, surveying of aerial and underground power transmission lines
●Geographic information system (GIS, Web-GIS)
●Integrated ground information management system (G-Cube)
●Geotechnical information distribution service
●Control systems for test measurements
●Various types of ground analysis software
●Disaster management monitoring projects (K3 system, KANTARO, KANSOKUO)
Construction●Soil contamination remediation work, landslide prevention work, well drilling work