Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Joint Research

As shown below, we give back to society not only by offering our own technology, but also by providing the results of research conducted together with other research institutions and companies.

Early warning system for slope failure by constant monitoring of inclination changes at multiple points and soil moisture

(MLIT’s public invitation for technical research and development related to promoting usage of monitoring technologies for social infrastructure; from 2014) 
Member: Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation

Technology development for cement penetration and solidification type liquefaction countermeasures using ultra-fine particle cement that enables localized ground improvement under existing buildings

(MLIT’s public invitation for technology development that solves policy issues under the Construction Technology Research and Development Subsidy Program; from 2014)
Members: Tokyo University of Science; Nippon Steel Cement, Co., Ltd.; Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation

Development of slope failure detection sensors for warning and evacuation support for sediment disaster

Members: Erosion and Sediment Control Research Group, Volcano and Debris Flow Research Team; Akiyama Survey and Design, Co., Ltd.; Sakata Denki Co., Ltd.; Takuwa Corporation; Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation; Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.

Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology International Priority Research Project

(from 2007)
Members: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment; University of Tokyo

Research society for coexistence with the utilization of groundwater technology

(from 2006) 
Technical advisor: Professor Makoto Nishigaki, Okayama UniversityMember companies: Eight-Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc.; Oyo Corporation; Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co., Ltd.; Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd.; Japan Conservation Engineers Co., Ltd.; Sakusen Co. Ltd.; Suncoh Consultants Co., Ltd.; Asano Taiseikiso Engineering Co., Ltd.; Dia Consultants Co. Ltd.; Chuo Kaihatsu Corporation, Hitec Co., Ltd.