Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation


Makoto Tanaka, President

Our company was founded as a general construction consultant right after the end of the Second World War in 1964, by Shinsuke Seko after he left his position as a professor at Nihon University College of Engineering, with the goal of reconstructing Japan.
For a while after the company was formed, we worked mainly on the development of agricultural land, energy, and electrical power. Once society stabilized and Japan entered a period of economic growth, we began to engage in consulting work in various sectors such as highways, bridges, ports, water supply, sewerage, agriculture, and nuclear power. Recently, we have been working with our own proprietary technology, particularly for deep-water geological surveys, renewable energy development, natural disaster surveys and early warning system development, and regional promotion and tourism planning.

Regarding the overseas projects, we have provided many consulting works for agriculture improvement, infrastructure development such as water supply and sewage, disaster prevention in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, etc. Recently, we focus on slope disaster monitoring and geo-technical consulting in various parts of the world. In this way, we conduct our activities under the motto of “contributing with technology,” which we offer to regional communities not only in Japan, but also around the world.

Our company and all of our employees will continue to devote ourselves to developing new technology in order to become the sole provider of consulting services for people seeking richer lives that are both safe and secure, as well as for companies and institutions aiming to engage more actively in socioeconomic activities. Furthermore, we hope to continue to be involved on a global level with work that stays with the earth, work that stays in people’s hearts, and work that leads us to an abundant future.