Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Tourism consulting (tourism promotion, tourism statistics, inbound tourist surveys)

Test tours to tourist spots

Tourism promotion plans

In addition to setting goals and basic policies based on the recent climate of tourism, current conditions of local resources, and the opinions of stakeholders, we also study specific measures and organizational structures.

Tourism statistics and satisfaction surveys

We conduct statistical surveys for tourism after proposing appropriate survey methods, which may include field surveys based on national guidelines, the calculation of economic ripple effects, satisfaction surveys, and perception gap surveys to assess differences between local tourism provider awareness and the needs of travelers.

Improving the environment for receiving foreign tourists

To improve the environment for receiving travelers from foreign countries in Japan, we can assess current conditions, as well as create brochures and websites in multiple languages and point-and-speak phrase sheets. We can also assist in the installation and upgrading of signage, information boards, and in-vehicle monitors.