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“KANTARO”: Slope failure monitoring sensor

“KANTARO”: Slope failure monitoring sensor

The tilt of natural and artificial slopes gradually shifts due to loosening and slippage.
“KANTARO” is a clinometer developed for the purpose of capturing this shift. The measurement portion utilizes MEMS technology (Micro-electro Mechanical Systems), and the communication control portion employs a specified low-power wireless module, allowing the unit to be small, lightweight, energy-efficient, and low-cost. This has made it possible to simplify installation and increase the number of points compared to conventional observation equipment. Also, by combining it with “KANSOKUO,” information about slope disasters can be provided quickly.
Thus far, we have installed the KANTARO system and taken measurements at over 100 sites, both in Japan and other countries. Based on the cases of confirmed collapse or destabilization and their data, we can summarize the basic ideas for setting warning values and recommend warning values appropriate for monitored sites.

Winner of the 2014 Japanese Geotechnical Society Technology Development Award
Winner of the 2015 Society of Instruments and Control Engineers, SI Division Outstanding Research Award

Conceptual image of slope monitoring