Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Research and Training program in Agriculture

Utilize network with farmers

We are expanding our business in agricultural field mainly in South America.

Project of Interchange and Cooperation for Nikkei Farmers of South America

Country: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia
Client: MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture of Japan)
Period: 2012.6 – 2018.3 (6years)
We utilize our South American network to promote technical interchange with Nikkei farmers’ organization, and realize training course and conference to develop good relationship.

Research and Analysis of Global Food Supply/Demand research (South America)

Country: Brazil, Argentina
Client: MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture of Japan)
Period: 2016.4 – 2018.3 (2years)
CKC conducts a research and analysis of grain situation and perspective of 2 South American countries. We offer timely local information utilizing our network in South America.

Data Collection Survey for Project of Cotton Production Development in Capanda

Country: Angola
Client: JICA
Period: 2016.11 – 2017.3
Our experts analyzed the irrigation method and distribution/economy, and collected basic data such as climate and geography in order for JICA to analyze if they support cotton project.