Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Project Evaluation

Grasp project result to improve cooperation

Evaluate JICA project whether target effect was produced and make suggestion for better operation.

Detailed Design Survey on the Project for Strengthening Non-Revenue Water Management in Managua City

Country: Nicaragua
Period:2016.4 – 2016.7
For elaboration of a technical cooperation project of non-revenue water reduction, CKC expert analyzed project outline from the viewpoint of five DAC evaluation criteria.

Mid-Term Review on the Project for profitability improvement of vegetable farmers in eastern region

Country: El Salvador
Client: JICA
Period: 2016.10 – 2016.11
This project aims for smallholder farmer’s technical improvement of vegetable production and awareness reform (from “farm to produce” to “farm to sell”). CKC did a mid-term review

Terminal Evaluation on the Project for Flood- and Drought-Adaptive Cropping Systems to Conserve Water Environments in Semi-Arid Regions

Country: Namibia
Client: JICA
Period:2016.7 – 2016.9
The project to develop agricultural methods for food security and economic independence of local small farmers. CKC expert verified the activity progress and achievement level.