Land and Water Group Holdings Corporation

Improvement of infrastructure

Contribute to development of urban infrastructure with reliable skill

Our engineers work on investigation, planning, construction for improvement of infrastructure

Project of Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Sao Paulo State

Country: Brazil
Period: 2014.3 – 2018.2
SABESP aims to streamline and stabilize water supply in Sao Paulo State by Japanese ODA Loan. Our company is engaged in supervision of project implementation.

Water and waste management company of São Paulo state

Project of Recovery and Improvement of Water Supply System for Reconstruction of Leogane City

Country: Haiti
Client: JICA
Period: 2012.1 – 2017.7
Haiti was seriously damaged by the earthquake on January 12, 2010. We work on recovery and improvement of water supply facilities through grant aid.

Project for Management of Non-Revenue Water

Country: Kenya
Client: JICA
Period: 2010.6 – 2014.10
We worked for capacity building of non-revenue water management of Kenya through preparing supervision manual, holding seminars and implementing a pilot project.